Carpets, flooring, blinds & shutters, carpet cleaning

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Carpet Ace is a value-for-money provider of carpets, flooring, blinds & shutters, carpet cleaning. The corporate, commercial, office and residential markets are serviced.



Our Strategic Partnerships promise efficiency, effectiveness and growth

Within 24 to 48 hours of your order, on average, we will commence installation of any carpeting, flooring, and shutters and blinds, available within the SADC region, whether we are talking corporate office park, residential housing estate, or the corner of your granny flat’s living room. The backing of our suppliers is an important cornerstone of our current and future growth.

Carpet Ace is the installer of choice for e..g. Builders Warehouse Free State, House & Home, OK Furniture, and large Johannesburg-based contractors.

Our Quality promises value

Once Carpet Ace has completed your installation and cleaning service, we take a step back, and evaluate whether we would have been delighted with the service, had we been in your shoes. As an ISO9001-compliant (Quality Management), and ISO14001-compliant (Environmental Management) service provider, aligned with our suppliers, Carpet Ace combines a team of vastly experienced people with superior products and materials, to deliver on our service promise, to you, our client.

We recognise the standards of SAWLFA, the Southern African Wood, Laminate & Flooring Association. Our suppliers and certain industry associations contact us, from time to time, for professional advice.

Our Vision and Mission promise trusted market leadership

Our Mission is to continue providing World-Class Quality Services, as you have come to expect, since 1979. It is the Vision of Carpet Ace to increasingly be recognised as a leading service provider, and trusted name, in the corporate and residential market, in Central South Africa, and beyond.

Carpet Ace builds relationships of trust, through value for money services and products. Professional advice drives all our interactions with our clients, which implies that we seek for your best solution, in partnership with you. We provide guidance and complete information. You make the decision.

Our B-BBEE and Corporate Social Responsibility promise loyalty

As responsible Corporate Citizen of South Africa, Carpet Ace, e.g.:

  • subscribes to the principles of B-BBEE,
  • supports our team of people to develop themselves, maintain and improve their wellness, and
  • donates products and services to Non-Profit Organisations.

Our Sustainability promises continuous value

Carpet Ace values People, all stakeholders, both internal and external to the business. We are because of you, our client, our employees, our suppliers etcetera. Succession planning for key personnel members and personnel development are keys to our continued service quality.

We value the Planet, in partnership with People, as is evidenced by our use of Green-compliant carpeting, flooring, shutters and blinds, and the use of biodegradable soaps in our cleaning processes.

We value our Profitability, with an emphasis on value for your money, and the reinvestment of significant portions of our annual profits into our people and processes.


Our People promise commitment

Some members of the Carpet Ace team have been part of the family since 1979. The average years experience per team member is around 20 years, a feat unique in our industry. Our people work in a caring environment, where their wellness is of paramount importance to the company.