Carpet cleaning Bloemfontein

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Carpet Ace is a provider of corporate and residential carpet cleaning,  general cleaning and car valet services, including cleaning advice in Bloemfontein.


Clinical Cleaning

Corporate & Residential Cleaning

Hopefully you have realised, by now, that Carpet Ace flourishes at your place of work and at your home. Carpeting. Flooring. Multi-storey. Oil-stained anything! You name it, Carpet Ace cleans it! Plus, our cleaning solutions are unaffected by load shedding and other power outages.

Carpet Cleaning

Using biodegradable cleaning materials, and a 1400cc petrol-powered machine, Carpet Ace will help bring your carpeting back to life. This truly is a one-of-a-kind solution in South Africa, as far as we know. In this way, we help you extract maximum value out of your office and home carpeting, before we eventually install new carpeting and flooring.

General Cleaning Services

Carpet Ace provides General Cleaning services to organisations, residential estates, townhouse complexes, homes, etcetera, in addition to Carpet Cleaning, as described above.

Car Valet Services

Why not add Car Valet Services to your Carpet Ace order? We’re coming out to you already to clean your carpeting, flooring, office and house, and for new installations. So, we will already be in the neighbourhood.

Cleaning Advice

Whether you need your carpeting, flooring or your entire office, home and vehicle cleaned, Carpet Ace will not only provide this highly cost-efficient service, but will also advise on carpeting, flooring, vehicular and general cleaning care processes, to complement our value offering to you, our client.