Carpeting Bloemfontein

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Carpet Ace is a provider of new carpet installations to the corporate and residential markets, incl quality brands, custom carpets, artificial turf.


Comprehensive Carpeting

Corporate Carpets*

Corporate? Industrial? Commercial? Whatever you would like to call it, Carpet Ace will provide a comprehensive, colourful solution to suit your office carpeting needs. From large, multi-floor office buildings to factory offices, Carpet Ace’s world-class quality materials and workmanship will endure. Order from our catalogues or dare to dream with our custom carpets. Return On Investment you can feel under your feet.

Residential Carpets*

Our wall-to-wall carpeting is a real investment for your home. As real as the value-enhancement provided by a beautiful garden and landscaped exterior. Your home should feel welcoming and express your personality, whether you install from our catalogues or undertake a custom carpeting journey with Carpet Ace.

Custom Carpets*

Co-create something truly unique, with Carpet Ace. Aligned with your corporate brand at the office, and your personal brand and taste at home. Let us make carpeting magic together.

Artificial Turf / Grass

Would you like to provide artificial interior greening to your office and home? Artificial turf may be worth investigating. The soft texture of contemporary artificial grass is comparable to real grass. The cushioned underlay provides for wonderful stability.

* Under-floor Heating is available for all Carpeting installations, excluding artificial turf