Wooden Flooring Bloemfontein

Corporate Flooring

Fashionable, practical flooring for all your corporate needs. Or your commercial needs, or your industrial needs, whatever you would like to call it. Whether you prefer a mix of carpeting and flooring, or a flooring-only solution, Carpet Ace will guide you to the best value your money can buy.

Residential Flooring

A home often times houses many interests and activities, considering the diversity within families. Therefore, you may wish to opt for a flooring solution to cater for this phenomenon, or a mix of flooring and carpeting. Carpet Ace’s experience will stand you in good stead when considering the best options for your home budget.

Wooden Flooring

The beauty and warmth of wooden flooring is irresistible, if installed tastefully and professionally. In other words, if installed by Carpet Ace. The atmosphere created by its vintage charm adds an air of authenticity to your work and living spaces.

Bamboo Flooring

Manufactured by fusing strands of bamboo, using heat and 2 000 tons of pressure, supporting weighty decisions, gatherings and feasts at the office and your home. Strand Woven Bamboo provides a beautiful and natural grain in a floor, which is two and a half times more stable than traditional flooring.  It has tested as one of the hardest woods on earth.

Laminated Flooring

The authenticity of rustic planking, its rich colours and sheer beauty will enhance your office and home for years.

Vinyl Flooring

The peeled, faded, torn look one might associate with the vinyl flooring of yesteryear, is certainly not applicable to contemporary Vinyl. Modern Vinyl flooring provides durability and beautiful finishes. You may even be surprised to find a real wood look in our Vinyl flooring catalogue.  Look to vinyl for a low maintenance, durable solution for your office and home.